We all know break ups suck but forget that business of kissing frogs and finding Princes…boring! Tell your Gal to eat cake, throw confetti, take a selfie and “Saddle Up Sista” ‘cause the next one’s a Stallion!

What’s inside?

  • #ByMySelfie Party Up Top Headband – she’ll be selfie perfect
  • Life is Better with Friends Coffee mug (18oz) – because life really is better with friends….and coffee!
  • “It’s Not Me It’s You” Living Royal socks – these are so cute he might just agree
  • Gold plated Horseshoe necklace – for good luck finding her stallion!
  • Eraser for Big Mistakes – don’t we all need one of these?
  • Voodoo card – sometimes a girl just needs to get in those 5 minutes of nasty to move on!


  • We Never Liked Him Anyway – just sayin….
    • Chez Gagne letterpress card printed on a Vandercook Press

*add a Wine Tag to your Sista’s favorite bottle….because wine is always appropriate!