We know you’ll be in need of #4 soon enough.

August…the month where you’re chillin’ and getting in your last days of sun, sangria and summa’. Suddenly you realize  that you’ll be back at school in just a couple of weeks…dream life interrupted! Panic sets in as you realize that your life is going back to studying, deadlines and those terrible group projects. This moment of dread is subsided by one thing only…BACK TO SCHOOL SHOPPING, which is soooo much more fun as an adult!

Adulting isn’t that bad..right?

Your mind is racing with all the possibilities of awesome #deskswag! Showing off your cool new gear is the best part, before everything gets covered in little pen marks and whatever that pink stuff was in the bottom of your bag…was it gum? cream? lipstick? You will never know!

1. Cool drinkware to offer up some daily inspiration

Get yourself into the SLAY mindset

2. Setting the tone at home

Keep it tidy!      Make sure your room looks like only a mini tornado went through it and be sure to pretty up your desk! Pretty-up your Babe Cave with this gorgeous art print from Vancouver Shop Rain City Prints.

Babe Cave Gold Foil Art Print by Raincity Prints

Have your go to mug!     Shine bright like a diamond Girl.

Shine Bright Mug Gold Foil - Slant Collections - Little Shop of WOW

Shine Bright Gold Foil Mug, check it out here!

Add some color!     Color up your desk with a fun confetti vase! Check out how you can make your own with our friends over at The Confetti BarFill it with your favorite confetti (we love Unicorn Dandruff!).

Confetti Bar - DIY Confetti Vase

DIY Confetti Vase by The Confetti Bar

3. Staying fit

Keep up your summer-bod routine (any BBG girls out there?) Plan out your meals and stay  motivated with some cute and sassy workout gear!

Breakfast of Queens.     Check out these quick and delish breakfast hacks from Brit+Co, Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl anyone?

Pumpkin spice smoothie bowl - brit+co - Little Shop of Wow

Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Bowl by Brit+Co

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!     Sparkle & Shine at the gym and show off your love of glitter  with our “I don’t sweat I shine” double-walled water bottle! Keeps your coconut water nice and cold throughout your whole workout.

I don't Sweat I shine - slant collections water bottle - little shop of wow - canada - gold glitter

I Don’t Sweat I Shine Gold Glitter Water Bottle, check it out here!

4. Work hard. Play harder.

MIDTERMS!     We always know they’re coming but we’re never quite ready for them. Wine is your best friend when these roll around!

Let's Party Wine Tag - Chez Gagne - Little Shop of WOW

Let’s Party! gold foil wine tag, check it out here!


Break time! Grab your fave book and cup-a-tea….. or turn on Netflix and stay in bed!

Namast'ay in Bed Mug - Little Shop of WOW - Sweet Water Decor - Canada Coffee Tea

Namast’ay in Bed mug, check it out here!

Messy Hair Don't Care Mug - Little Shop of WOW - Sweet Water Decor - Coffee Tea Canada

Messy Hair Don’t Care mug, check it out here!

Want the ultimate back to school kit? Check out our #Girlboss WOW box for everything you need to rock #backtoschool2016!  

Don’t sweat it party girls…you’ll be KILLIN’ IT this year!

Leave a comment below and let us know how you’re getting ready for #backtoschool!

Wishing you Fun Vibes Only,

Daniela & Julia Xo